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Can I Legally Drive Without a License in New York?

A driver’s license is critical for anyone who wants to drive a vehicle in New York. However, getting a new driver’s license can be challenging. In addition, there are serious penalties if you are caught driving without one.

Types of Licenses

Before you apply for a driver’s license, you must understand all the types of licenses in New York. If you plan on working as a driver, you must get a commercial driver’s license, which often comes in several classes depending on the vehicle you’re hoping to drive. Anyone who doesn’t plan on driving as a professional can get a motorcycle or operator driver’s  license.

Learner’s Permit

Being able to drive a vehicle at the age of 16 could be a great way to give you the freedom you want, but you must also understand the responsibilities that come with it. To ensure teens understand driving, they must get a learner’s permit before they get a driver’s license. A learner’s permit allows teens to drive during certain times of the day as long as a fully licensed adult accompanies them in the car.


No matter your age, you must take several tests to obtain a license. First, there is the written test, where you’ll have to answer a few questions about common road signs and what you must do in certain situations. Once you are done answering questions, you will either get a learner’s permit (if that is what you applied for) or move on to the on-road test.

The road test will take you outside driving with a professional DMV tester. The tester will reject or approve your license based on how you handle critical steps when driving, like making a U-turn, backing up, parking, etc. See our traffic violations solutions.

Probation Period

After passing the road test, you will move to get a probationary driver’s license. During the six months after getting a probationary driver’s license, you will be subject to severe punishment if you commit any moving violations such as speeding, or using a mobile device when driving.

The punishment you’ll be given for your initial offense comes with a 60-day license suspension where you won’t be allowed to drive. After that, you will have to restart your probation period until you successfully go through six months without any violations.

Can You Drive Without A License?

Anyone operating a motor vehicle must have a proper driver’s license to drive in New York. Driving without a license in possession is punishable by a $75 to $300 fine or even up to 15 days in jail. Anyone with a license not in their possession or unlicensed, can also be arrested. Remember, driving unlicensed is a huge mistake that can seriously impact you, your driving, and even your criminal record. Contact with NYC traffic violations lawyer.


Any non-resident driver with a valid driver’s license from their home state or country can drive in New York without any issues, subject to NY age restrictions. However, you must have proof of licensure.

Driving While Being Suspended

Anyone who drives a vehicle while on a revoked or suspended license in New York can be found guilty of aggravated unlicensed operation (AUO) of a vehicle and may face jail time, fines, and vehicle loss. The first offense of driving with a suspended license is a third-degree AUO and can hold a fine of $200 or $500 and/or up to thirty days in jail. It can carry a fine of $500 – $1000 and up to 7 – 180 days behind bars.

A second driving-when-suspended conviction within the first 18 months can also be considered a second-degree AUO but carries a minimum fine of $500 and up to 180 days in jail.

You must understand that driving without a license is dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. Hence it would be best to get your driver’s license before you start driving on the roadway. See how to choose a criminal defense Attorney in New York?

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