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Cell Phone Ticket and the Impact on Your Car Insurance

In several states across the US, if you get caught using an electronic device while driving, you will get a ticket and have to pay a fine. A few states have taken it further and will add  points to your driving record. For instance, if you are driving in New York, using a phone while driving can result in five points to your driving record and a minimum fine of $150.00.

Will A Cell Phone Ticket Make Your Car Insurance Rate Higher?

There is no industry standard regarding how a cell phone ticket will affect your insurance coverage. It means each insurance provider can have a different attitude towards cell phone violations. Therefore, whether your rates will increase or not from a cell phone ticket tends to vary from one provider to the next. While one company may leave your insurance rates untouched after your initial violation, others may choose to increase your rates by 20%.

Generally, points on your driving license always tend to increase your insurance rates, but the total amount will depend on your insurance provider. Most insurance companies tend to pull the driving records of their customers periodically and can increase rates when new convictions appear. Cell phone tickets cost high points, and most insurance providers don’t take them lightly.

Repeated Offenses Are Big Red Flags

An insurance provider can react more extremely when they notice that your cell phone violation is a repeated offense. If they did not raise your rates after your initial violation, a repeated offense would likely convince them that you’re a risky driver to insure, resulting in a penalty.

Insurance providers will consider your second and all the following tickets more rigorously than your first one. Even the most lenient insurance company will increase your premiums due to multiple cell phone tickets.


One thing that can further complicate the problem is if you caused an accident because you were busy texting or talking on the phone. All accidents will result in higher premiums, but in such cases, your car insurance company can increase your rates significantly more than usual because you displayed negligence while driving.

How Can You Avoid a Cell Phone Ticket

If you regularly talk on the phone when driving, your best bet is to use a blue tooth hands free device. New York State does not permit any electronic device, including cell phones, to be held in your hand. In order to avoid a mobile or electronic device ticket, make sure your phone or device is mounted and you are engaged in a hand free phone call. or talk to text hands free mode.

However, the best way to avoid getting a cell phone ticket is by promising never to use your phone when driving. Doing this will protect you from potential insurance rate increases and substantially reduce your chances of ending up in a life-altering car accident. Check How to choose a criminal defense Attorney in New York?

An Attorney Can Help You Fight A Cell Phone Ticket In New York.

Between surcharges, fines, and insurance increases, a cell phone ticket in New York can cost you hundreds of dollars.  The skilled attorneys at The Law Office of Gina M. Wicik can help reduce (outside of NYC) a cell phone ticket to lower point violation or even a non-moving violation like a parking ticket. In New York City, where plea bargaining is not permitted, a skilled attorney will fight to have your ticket dismissed at the hearing before the judge.

Hiring an experienced attorney can help reduce or even eliminate the overall impact on your driving record and insurance rates. Drivers who hire The Law Office of Gina M. Wicik, can have the peace of mind that our attorney will take over your case, handle all the research and paperwork, and appear in court on your behalf. See 6 Major Advantages of Hiring a Traffic Violation Lawyer

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Being a seasoned attorney, Gina M. Wicik may help you reduce or dismiss your cell phone ticket. As a result of years of experience, she knows what to expect and can come up with a solution that fits your problem.

As long as you have The Law Office of Gina M. Wicik on your side, you can rest easy, knowing your case is in the right hands. Call us at 516-253-4278 for a free consultation today!

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