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  • Gina is awesome, I needed and attorney to fight 5 traffic tickets that could’ve revoked my license. Hired Gina two weeks in advance so she can handle this for me. This morning I got a call from Her with good news that she got all of them dismissed. Now I can move on with future plans.
    Curtis Joseph
  • Gina Wicik is my lawyer. I was in a no win situation based on the circumstances. She represented me so well that the outcome was even better than expected. Coming to represent me in NJ from NY and she did a phenomenal job. I would recommend her to anyone but in the meantime she’s my lawyer in case I ever need her again and she’s on speed dial.She’s the best!!!
    Marvin Gibson
  • Gina helped me with a traffic ticket I got back in 2019. And she just called me saying that my case was dismissed! So happy and blessed to have come across her. Gina is representing me at another hearing later this year, and I am very confident she will be able to help me out then too. Her friendly demeanor and being easy to contact/connect with makes this stressful process so much easier.
    Rafael Villa
  • Gina and her office was great! Her knowledge of my case and the district policies that were in place was amazing. The communication was fantastic and the results were even better! Strongly recommend for any type of issue that Gina be the first call.
    Robert Reichenbach
  • I hired Gina in court on 125th street to help me with a ticket i received for a cell phone. I am not from NYC and i have never received a summons before. I was scared and very nervous. I noticed there was a young woman talking to another person and when she was done i approached her. I explained my situation. She thoroughly explained the process and how the court works. She made me feel much less anxious and when my case was called i went into the room with her and she won my case.
    Val Cata
  • I got into a car accident back in March 2022. It was snowing and there was low visibility as a result, I ended up skidding due to my wheel hitting black ice and I crashed into a tree on the palisades parkway. No other cars were involved and I wasn’t speeding. However, when the police came they gave me a ticket for “prudent and unreasonable speed”. I was a new driver and had never gotten a ticket before. I didn’t know what to do so I searched for a lawyer that would be able to help prevent me from getting my license suspended.
    Katrina Gabriel
  • My son received a ticket for no insurance and we didn’t know what to do. I called Gina Wicik and she responded to my call immediately. She was amazing, very professional and honest about my sons case during the consultation. I gave her the details and she assured me that she would do everything possible to help my son. Sure enough the ticket was dismissed and my son didn’t have to miss a day of work by going to court. I highly recommend her
    Annette Acevedo
  • Despite finding out about Gina M. Wicked at the last possible moment simply by chance and retaining her over a holiday weekend she was able to take my case and get me an incredibly favorable outcome. Basically saving my bacon. She is amazing. Thank you again!
    Danko Martek
  • Gina is fantastic ! I got a Traffic Ticket I contacted law office of Gina M Wicik her service was great as was the price! will use in the future thank you !
    Przemyslaw Kosobucki
  • Thank you Gina so much for helping me you are the best so professional and I was very happy highly recommend her
    Fady Issa
  • Gina M. Wicik is a gem of a lawyer. When all the other lawyers in Brooklyn told me my case was hopeless (and I called many of them) she told me there was a chance. A chance was something I needed that day since I was on the verge of panic of having my license suspended. She assessed the situation and helped me understand what we could do; there was a chance.
    Levi Rabayev
  • Gina did her job and got my ticket reduced from 6 points to 2. I had points on my licensed previously, figured it be harder for a reduction. I would recommend her to anyone. She kept me informed throughout the whole process. I regret not getting a lawyer on my last ticket. Don’t plea guilty, call Gina ASAP get your ticket reduced. You won’t regret it.
    Patrick Zolciak
  • I had a summons for improper turn at 61 street & 1 Ave in Manhattan back in 2019 .. I was very upset , cause I know I didn’t commit a improper turn , So when I went to DMV A WEEK BEFORE MY HEARING to change my court date & I was denied . I saw a very professional dress lady going through paperwork sitting on the bench in the waiting area , I thought it was a fancy cop coming to a hearing.. so I waited for her to go into the lawyer office & I approached her & she was very soft spoken & went straight to the point in telling me I have a good chance of beating the ticket & Ms. WICIK has very fair prices .
    JJ Cashflow
  • When I had to seek legal counsel I wasn’t sure where to look. Theres so much out there to choose from its ridiculous. I didn’t know where to start! I’m glad I found the law office of Gina M. Wicik. She sat me down and went through my entire case start to finish. Explaining all the ins and outs so I didn’t feel lost or confused about anything. Anytime I called she was able to make time for me that same day. No “she’ll get back to you soon” from the receptionist.
    Luke Z
  • Gina is fabulous!!! She has defended me on multiple tickets and had all of them dismissed!! I watched her cross exam a police officer once and actually felt bad for the cop by the time she was done with him!! Needless to say the judge dismissed my ticket. After that I didn’t have to worry about much and she has won for me again and again.
    Michelle Stern
  • Wow what an amazing experience. I was in a pickle but Gina made me feel like family. She looked over my case and got my paperwork straightened out. I was all set and stress free before I knew it. Thank goodness for a great office like hers. Would use again fingers crossed I don’t have to.
    Bri Fri
  • I contacted Mrs. Wicik for help fighting a traffic ticket. She was extremely patient , kind and eager to help me through the whole process. She explained everything to me in detail and she made the whole experience go far quicker than I excepted. I even came out with no point on my license. I highly recommend her for any of your traffic violation needs!
    Christine Marie
  • The law office of Gina M. Wicik handle several traffic tickets for me. She was very professional and dedicated to helping me resolve the problems I had. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone
    Corey Staggers
  • I got a few traffic violations and was very upset since it consisted.of 10 points which mean my license was gonna be suspended. I don’t know what she did but I only had to pay some fines and only got 2 points which went away when she recommended taking defensive driving.. Gina you are the best
    Keith Burton
  • I have used Gina Wicik as my attorney on several of my traffic violations ,she was very professional on explaining to me the process on my ticket and how it works on the fees and Court appearances if necessary I was very pleased with the the outcome and would highly recommend her Verna
    Valerie Holzhauer
  • Gina Wicik was excellent, she was very professional and helpful in resolving my case. I highly recommend her and she made a stressful experience a lot easier for me and my family. Truly a great lawyer.
    Ronnie Tague
  • I initially chose Gina based on her Google reviews and I was not disappointed! She was very helpful and responsive in assisting to gain a positive outcome in my situation, I highly recommended her.
    Bob DeSanctis
  • It was great having Gina manage an issue I had. She was always available, patient, pleasant, and tactful. I recommend her to anyone that needs a lawyer for a complex situation.
    Karen Mohammed
  • Ms. Wicik was a pleasure to work with and I am glad that I found her for representation. She was able to navigate through the very complex case while always keeping composure and professionalism which in turn helped me to stay calm in this stressful situation. Her quick responses made sure that I was always in the loop with the case and ultimately her expertise was able to get an amazing outcome. I definitely recommend her for any relevant legal needs!
    Kenneth Lee
  • Gina Wicik has helped me with several traffic violations over the years and has gotten all of them dismissed. Excellent service all around. She’s the best of the best..Thank you so much!
    Renzo Casaretto
  • I retained Gina Wicik in October 2021 for a Crosswalk violation, the court pushed my court date back so many times I was nervous, but she reassured me “I will be there no matter when it’s scheduled and the further back it goes the better it goes for us”, today found me not guilty with no court fees! I Highly recommend the Law Office of Gina M Wicik.
    Joe Poueymirou
  • After seeing attorney Gina’s profile I knew she was highly experienced in my situation and retained her. I was falsey accused by a tenant in my building of assaulting her! Gina, moved with the motion to have my case dismissed and it was! I highly recommend Gina! She is professional, kind and will fight for you.Thank you Gina! I give you 10 Stars! You are the best!Victor Nunez Hoboken NJ
    Viturino Torres
  • I highly recommend the services of Gina M Wicik for anyone in need of legal representation. I recently hired her to handle my case, and I was extremely impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to my case
    Greg B
  • Very Transparent Handling All My Cases With Grace Can’t Appreciate Enough
    Tyler Alexander
  • Gina & Mike were fantastic to work with. They were patient, professional, and answered all of my questions. I 100% recommend working with them!
    Lorena Lopez
  • Gina was referred to me by a friend who was extremely satisfied on how his case was handled and most especially the results. After consulting, what stood out the most was her being hands on in a professional and timely manner. I would say having confidence and peace of mind is very important when it comes to your representation, which Gina delivers
    Patrick Tirol
  • Simply one of the best and top lawyers of this country. Top of the line! Highly recommended for your case. Highly talented skilled expert lawyer. Thank you so much very much appreciated.
    sunny rahman

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