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Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges or the subject of a police investigation in New York? At the Law Office of Gina M. Wicik, we know that facing a criminal charge or accusation can be scary, stressful, and confusing. We recognize the devastating consequences of a criminal charge on your life and livelihood. New York criminal defense lawyer Gina M. Wicik provides knowledgeable and aggressive representation to her clients. She will fight to protect your rights.

Don’t Face Criminal Charges Alone

Presenting a solid defense from the onset of a criminal proceeding can make a world of difference for your case. If you are facing criminal accusations or charges, it is important to contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. We recommend speaking with a criminal lawyer before your first court date. Gina can help you understand your criminal charges, build a strong defense on your behalf, and help you navigate the legal process.

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Contact Criminal Attorney Gina M Wicik today to work with Top Rated NYC criminal attorney who has years  of experience. Put your future in the hands of lawyer who can achieve the best outcome for your New York or New Jersey criminal case. Gina M. Wicik is available 24/7 for all emergencies call at 516-253-4278 or contact us online.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Gina M. Wicik handles a wide variety of criminal cases for her clients. A few common cases we handle every day include:

Assault Crimes

At its simplest level, assault occurs when an individual intentionally or recklessly causes injury to another person. However, the circumstances of the case affect whether the offense is a misdemeanor or felony. Factors that may affect whether an assault is a misdemeanor or a felony include the risk of injury, the severity of the injury, and whether a deadly weapon or instrument was involved.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an offense against a family member, romantic partner, or household member. For example, a crime against a spouse, blood relative, romantic partner, or former partner is domestic violence. Domestic violence ranges in severity from misdemeanor charges to felony charges. Domestic violence may include, but is not limited to: Harassment, Stalking, Violating a protection order, Assault, Sexual assault

Domestic violence is considered a serious offense in New York and it is imperative you obtain, an affective, aggressive and knowledgable New York defense attorney to protect your rights.

Petty Offenses

Petty offenses, or violations, are the least serious offenses in New York. Penalties for a violation are up to 15 days in county jail and a fine of up to $250. Examples of petty offenses include, but are not limited to: Disorderly conduct, Harassment in the second degree, Trespassing, Loitering, Traffic infractions

Drug Crimes

New York is historically tough on drug crimes. It has some of the strictest drug laws in the Country. A drug offense can be a misdemeanor or a felony. The drug charge depends on many factors, such as the type of drug and the amount in possession.

Other Cases We Handle

More criminal defense cases we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Auto Crimes
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Record Sealing
  • Desk Appearance Tickets (DAT)
  • False Arrest
  • Fraud Defense
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Grand Larceny
  • Gun crimes
  • Immigration
  • Narcotics Crime
  • Robbery
  • Weapons Charge
  • SORA modifications

All of these offenses vary in seriousness, with some being considered violations or misdemeanors and others being labeled as felony offenses.

How Does a New York Criminal Case Begin?

A criminal case begins with either a formal arrest or a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for one or more offenses. If a formal arrest occurs, authorities transport you to central booking. If you receive a DAT, you avoid being “booked.” A DAT, also known as an appearance ticket, is a written order. It requires an individual to appear in criminal court on a specific date and time for arraignment.

Why Is It Important to Have a Criminal Lawyer on My Side? How We Help Our Clients

The consequences of a criminal conviction go beyond criminal penalties. For example, a conviction can hurt your relationships, employment opportunities, child custody arrangements, and immigration status. Hiring a New York criminal defense attorney from the onset of your case can have an enormous impact on arraignment and the ensuing litigation of your charges. 

If you have been charged with a crime in New York, we recommend speaking with a criminal lawyer before your first court date. Your attorney can conduct an independent investigation into the alleged crime. Your attorney can build a personalized defense strategy for you based on the unique facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

New York criminal defense attorney Gina M. Wicik aggressively fights for her clients. She is a pit bull in court room and will work to get your case dismissed, arrange a plea deal, or offer you fierce representation at trial. She also has extensive experience and success navigating NYC criminal courts. Our reputation speaks for itself. See what our clients are saying about us here

Understanding New York Criminal Offenses

New York criminal offenses fall under three main categories. These categories include violations, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Violations are the least serious type of criminal offense in New York. These violations are offenses other than traffic infractions for which a person can be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of no more than 15 days. Violations cover a wide range of offenses, including, but not limited to: Harassment, Trespassing, Disorderly conduct

Violations are not considered crimes. However, you can be arrested for allegedly committing them and even taken into custody.

Misdemeanor offenses are all crimes that come with a potential sentence of imprisonment of up to one year. New York groups misdemeanors into two classes – Class A misdemeanors and Class B misdemeanors. Class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to one year in jail and three years of probation. Common Class A misdemeanors include, but are not limited to: Accessing a computer or network without permission, Petit larceny, Criminal trespass, Reckless endangerment

Class B offenses can be punishable by three months of imprisonment and one year of probation. Common Class B misdemeanors may include: Prostitution, Harassment, Loitering, Public lewdness, Stalking (4th degree)

Felony offenses are more serious than misdemeanors. New York has different classes of felonies that range in severity. However, these offenses carry imprisonment terms of at least one year.

Class A (A-I and A-II) felonies represent the most severe offenses. They generally involve violent crimes. Class A felony crimes may include: Aggravated murder, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Predatory sexual assault

Class E felonies are less serious felonies. For example, Class E felonies may include, but are not limited to: Aggravated harassment, Conspiracy, DWI, Grand larceny

Offenses that fall between these two categories in Class B, C, and D include offenses such as rape, burglary, arson, fraud, manslaughter, vehicular assault, and assault. The penalties for a conviction of these crimes depend on the specific charges. A couple of factors that may affect potential penalties include whether the offense was violent in nature and the defendant’s criminal history.

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A strong defense strategy can play a crucial role in the outcome of your criminal proceeding. A knowledgeable and aggressive New York criminal defense attorney can create a personalized defense strategy for your case. If you need criminal defense in New York, look no further than the Law Office of Gina M. Wicik. We are known for our results, and we are ready to fight for and defend your rights.

Call our experienced New York City criminal attorney at 516-253-4278 or contact us online to request a free initial consultation. We are available 24/7 to discuss your situation and determine how we can help you. Based in New York, we represent clients throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester. We also represent clients throughout New Jersey

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