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Criminal Defense In High-Traffic Jurisdictions

Where we practice in the states of New York and New Jersey, there are a lot of people. Big freeways handle enormous amounts of traffic every day.

With that in mind, there’s sometimes a sense or tendency in the courts to see everything as a blip on the screen – to churn through various types of minor charges and cases such as traffic cases, with less than a detailed ground-level perspective of what a defendant might face. That’s just the nature of the justice system as we know it.

However, we, as experienced criminal defense attorneys here, understand. We know that these types of situations are emotional and have big impacts for a defendant. For instance, if you face the restriction of your driver’s license over some legal violation, that can have a major effect on your day-to-day life. It’s hard to see into the future when you’re facing unknown outcomes. But we can help, because we’ve seen all of these types of cases unfold before.

Keeping Clients Informed

As we see it, one of the most essential jobs of a criminal defense attorney is walking with clients in close consultation, the whole way through the life cycle of their case, to resolution. That means listening at the outset and understanding what a client is facing. It means doing the right fact-finding and legal research to support that person’s rights under the law. It means being vigilant about helping to avoid unfair prosecution.

There may be a lot of people in these states, but every client is a person to us. We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, every individual one, to seek the best outcomes in court. That can really be to a defendant’s advantage where courts often respond to particular legal strategies or responses by a criminal defense attorney. In other words, when you put the work in, the results follow.

So while there may be thousands of traffic violations every week in your area, yours is important to you, and so it’s also important to us, too.

Take a look on the site for more about what we offer and our practice areas in New York and New Jersey. From Manhattan to the Jersey suburbs, we work to advance the rights of our clients in a professional and detailed way. That’s our promise to you as you work through whatever you’re facing in a justice system that is too often seen as a faceless, grinding machine, in its dealings with real people.

Roughly 28 people die in drunk driving related accidents in the United States each and every day. This evens out to a little less than one death per hour. 

If you are pulled over for suspicion of a Driving While Impaired (DWI) charge, you need to know the exact circumstances that are at play. Every state has DWI laws that come with specific penalties. 

So what happens when you get a DWI in New York? What are the penalties for DWI in New York?

We’re glad to answer some key questions for you.  

Here are some points of information that you should consider when you are facing DWI in New York. 

Learn Why You’re Charged With DWI in New York

If you are someone experiencing a first time DWI in New York, it can be quite the scary and uncertain experience. Start by understanding why you’ve been charged and what the law says about it. 

New York observes the same limit as most states. After a breathalyzer test, you’ll get charged with DWI if your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .08% for regular drivers, and .04% for commercial drivers. 

Officers administer breathalyzer tests or blood tests after you’ve been driving erratically, with your lights off, or otherwise in a manner that could mean you’ve been drinking. The officer might also suspect that you’ve been drinking if your speech is slurred or nonsensical, or if they smell alcohol in the vehicle. 

Understand the Penalties of DWI

There are several penalties that you might be subject to when you’re convicted of a DWI. 

After a standard DWI, the maximum jail time that you could get is 15 days, along with a fine as high as $500, and getting your license taken for 3 months. 

A subsequent offense could balloon the penalties to 30 days behind bars, fines as high as $750, and 6 months of a suspended license. Being convicted of a third offense can lead to as much as 6 months in jail, $1,500 in fines, and 6 months of a suspended license. 

The DWI statistics in New York show why it’s such a serious issue. More than 30% of fatal car accidents today have alcohol as a root cause. Aside from  court penalties, you can lose employment opportunities and deal with other issues in your personal life. 

Get to Know How a Lawyer Can Help You Out

So what can a lawyer do for you? For one, they’ll make sure that you’re given a fair shot during the trial if the case proceeds. 

Many lawyers will attempt to reach a plea deal so that you’re not as harshly penalized. A DWI attorney in New York will be the ultimate protector because they understand the law and everything that comes with the territory. 

Work on a strategy with your attorney so that they can help you deliver the desired outcome.  

Start Figuring Out Your DWI Case

The points above will help you out when you’re trying to do what’s best for your DWI in New York. Having the assistance of an attorney will be your saving grace and will serve you no matter the circumstances of your DWI. 

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